My Blood Reaches

April 8, 2009 at 7:44 pm (Poetry)

Red Blood Cells


My blood reaches
           for the warmth of Spring.
The smell of green onions
           beneath a willow dancing in the breeze
The coolness of freshly turned earth
The sensual party of turning soil over seeds
            Sowing, to reap
My blood reaches
            Toward the sun
My skin, a million zillion happy cells
    soaking up the warmth
          that feels like life
                health, happiness
          directly from some Universal center.
I will ride the black horse into the edge of the sea
Letting my feet dangle, relaxed.
And beneath the roar of wind and salt water
Is the beat of my heart in rhythm with the moving sand.
My blood reaches until it is pink beneath my skin,
My face flushed.
Myth and Mare and Me.
Today I’m allowed to write me with a capital “M”.
It’s spring and we all expand.
We feel the burning, stirring desire to “do”, to move,
        to touch the face of the sun in Spring.


© 2009 C. Harter Amos

1 Comment

  1. Paul said,

    What a gorgeous fullsome Spring poem, Mimi. Every line sings with life just as a spring poem should and the scene on the horse is wonderfully done.

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