Not Even Jesus

August 1, 2009 at 4:35 am (Poetry) (, , , , )


Gloomy Church

Broken rosettes with tarnished gilded angels
               are set above gloomy doorways.
The priest’s wordless oaths of eternal days
       lengthen into infinite years beneath gothic arches.
The priest sits pale
       against dark wood.
He walks ever so slowly,
       but long ago forgot the way.
He would run if he could remember how.
His voice echoes against the inside of his skull 
     as he screams in silence.
Not even Jesus visits here.




© 2009 C. Harter Amos

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The Church of the Who-not What-not

October 25, 2007 at 5:15 am (RefleXions) ()



     My dog plays with his toys by himself, and gives me a plaintive look as if I’ve lost my mind not to at least toss his ball around for an evening romp in the backyard. 

     Blogging.  It implies I should have something profound to say, but the round and round of my thoughts bores even me.  After all, I did this back in the sixties & seventies: this crisis of faith that ends in some mix of Taoism, absolute Capitalism, and I suppose Wicca for lack of a better word.  It’s a mute point, but today I found my Pagan pasts roaming freely through my thoughts.  All the Tao and the parts gleaned from Nietzsche and what-not/who-not all mixed in and not even trying to hide their communal head.  It was like taking one step left and two steps right, doing the “boot-scootin’ boogie” in some sort of insane dance with myself from the past. The surety of atheism that surrounded my teens and early twenties, then the Tao and Nature itself…My Baptist God was spelled with a small g and put to rest back when I was ten. I test the word Nihilist and the absolute apathy and amorality it implies. I have the morals of an Ayn Rand character at my very worst.  If there is no God, I still do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  People question my sincerity because I care.  They make up ulterior motives for my honesty…I still believe that if everyone does their best, the world survives in peace and harmony.  “Imagine”, John, wherever you are.  Flash that light in the distance…But then you did, didn’t you. 


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