Simple Stone

April 29, 2009 at 12:58 am (Poetry)



A ruby of medium red
where some long ago dragon bled.
Imagine the fight:
The dragon slung his head
and there,
each precious drop from him,
became jewelry; a blood red gem.
Or an oval of medium blue:
a sapphire, from a witch’s brew.
She stole a piece of the sky
leaving a hole that we decry.
Like water solidified into stone, a diamond
A crystal boldly imagined itself beyond ice:
 a wonder, a pebble, a promise,
        A simple symbol,
 a woman’s bright future on a young girl’s hand.
Of them all, my love, an oval of opal,
Disneyland in a ring. A lovely fairytale in solidified glitter:
     “Once upon a time, this rock was shed in fairy dust
when bees hummed bass as fairies sang until the magic gummed together
into a stone, the song saved for all time, now worn on someone’s hand.
When we invent the iPod to play these rock songs
there will no longer be wars, no longer be hunger or sadness.
gemstones are magic, you see.”
Like granite
Buildings that last forever.
Where philosophers or senators raised their hands,
hard to imagine these buildings still stand…
      “Friends, Romans, Countrymen…” their sandals upon stone.
The words somehow forever recorded there, perhaps,
If we could find the needle intricate enough to make these stones speak.
A rock, a simple thing,
but yet a playground for silly minds
who would make up stories,
with and without rhymes,
or spend fortunes to decorate
their hands and necks
with stones of blue, of green, or of fairy specks.


© 2009 C. Harter Amos


  1. Paul said,

    Lovely, graceful.

    • mimiamos said,

      Paul, thanks for reading and commenting. I miss your keen ear for detail being around to help. I don’t know that a poem about rocks can be lovely or graceful. I mainly decided it was time to branch out a bit with my subject matter and am having fun writing about odd things that strike my fancy. Much too long an answer to your brief comment, but miss you. So hello and thanks again for stopping by to read. – Mimi.

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